How to jump 3 levels of CSC-China-39-Game in less then 60 hours

Pre-requisites for accessing the game:
Level 1. Running 2 Design thinking sessions in Chinese in a week and drinking 3 bottles of Chinese white wine with your host organisation – Please note: feel free to choose the lighter white wine, only 43 of Alch % … There is no need to choose the stronger one.
Level 2. Going on your own to a ‘near-by’ city, feeding yourself and coming back – Please note: No PA are allowed to support you.
Level 3. Taking a pic in the hills without any other human – Please note: you can rent a bus and go to a Bamboo forest but in order to achieve this pre-requisite your feet must have been walked for 22 kms the day before.

How it will work based on our lived experience – powered by some CSC-China-39 Survivors:

Level 1. Running design thinking in Chinese is really challenging and funny at the same time – You would need to make sure your translators are well prepared as well the workshops’ s mission is clear to everybody and you will be ready to rock & rolla 🙂 The first session has been fun, the second one has been a real success, with a really good quality of content. That’s why we were able to properly celebrate with our host organisation on Friday night. Such a good time eating and drinking and laughing!

Lesson Learnt:

  • A glass of Chinese wine is different from what you have in mind – It is LITERALLY a FULL glass of wine.
  • For a chinese person Laura is “LALA” and Italy is “ITALIII”.
  • Spaghetti are also named “Italian noodles” and chinese shrimp cakes are “ITALIAN MINI PIZZAs”

Level 2. We left after a ‘chilled-out’ breakfast and we discovered Wuxi on our own all the day long, walking all over the places and ending up in a wonderful park. The view from the Sunrise hill was incredible amazing – as well  as the lights effect.

Also our lunch has been the BEST EVER in LIFE – it took only 25 mins long to place the order (and only the patient Sarah could deal with it on our behalf) and we managed to order aprox 50 dumplings and a bowl of rice. Of course all the same dumplings (Pork only) and steamed rice, without salt. YES, we love dumplings (maybe not anymore now..). and YES we are hopeless without our beloved PA.

Lesson learnt:

  • Don’t trust daily trips starting smoothly. If you want to reach the next level of China CSC Game, the fun will come later – Rehearse yourself, generally speaking be prepared to run.
  • Say thanks in advance to your external Smartphone battery – I am sure you will need it.
  • Underground service shut down at 22.01 – Make sure you would not get stucked in the middle of your journey. If this happens (guess why we know it …..) just JUMP OUT, go upstairs and FLY to the railway station with a Didi car.
  • In Wuxi there are 2 railway stations – Murphy’s law will always win against your. Of course we went to the wrong one.
  • Pink Dogs exist –  Evidences below.img_0776.jpg

Level 3. Sometimes having a proper transfer of 2 hours by bus is not that bad, especially when your feet and legs are kinda of ‘fried’ as the day before you walked for 21 km. So here we go, Sunday morning, it is almost 10 am and we are ready to climb and discover the bamboo forest. We have enjoyed our walk  and our brand new Chinese hats. Also for the first time in this month we could find more bamboo tree than people!!! Unfortunately we can not say the same about Pandas, as only spotted 2 and they looked like in a joyful hangover – Oh bless them!

 Lesson learnt: 

  • Green Peas Ice-creams are not bad!
  • Ground and Cabin Cable in China are used also without snow
  • As my friend Sarah said – this is the EXTRA place, so do not be surprised if you will find music while hiking 🙂 …..It’s China and we are loving it!

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